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Local artist releases new album

By Staff
Jonathan Willis
Eddie Martin's fourth complete album is much different than any other he has worked on, but for the Russellville native, it is a step back to his roots.
"It is more folksy than any others I have done," said Martin, who has been writing songs since he was a child.
He recently completed "When We Were Brave," an album that touches on many of the issues taking place in the United States today.
"It's a little shorter than some others I have done, but there are a couple of songs I wanted to go ahead and release because of what's going on in our country and our world," he said.
The six-song album includes a couple of songs about the current war in Iraq and other social issues.
Martin works on his projects in his spare time when he's not working on someone else's music.
He has worked on this current project for about a year, he said.
"I am constantly working on new material or I am just writing to be writing," Martin said.
"A lot of times I am writing a song and I don't even realize it."
The current album is a little more raw and risky than others he's released, Martin said.
"I took some chances this time, with the music and the songs themselves."
One of the tracks on the album features no music at all.
"It is a poem I wrote about my grandmother a few weeks before she died last August," he said.
Four of the songs were co-written by Russellville native Charlton James.
"We are like creative brothers," Martin said.
"We do a lot of song writing together. He was heavily involved in the creative aspects of this project."
Martin said the album is so close to his heart, that he even made sure the cover was a special one.
"The picture on the cover is of my dad in the Navy during the Korean War," he said. "He was an extremely proud American."
Martin said the CD is available at the Cottage in Russellville and several retail stores in the Shoals area.