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County schools help students 'catch up'

By Staff
Melissa Cason
BELGREEN – Students who fell a little behind in academics during the last school year have an alternative to repeating the course next school year as the Franklin County Community Education is offering Camp Catch Up.
Franklin County Community Education Director Susan Hargett said Camp Catch Up is designed for students who failed or is struggling in an academic area.
"Camp Catch Up is held every June and is a one-month program," Hargett said.
She said the program helps students catch up where they might have fallen behind during the year and gives them an opportunity to advance to the next level.
"Camp Catch Up is not the same as summer school," Hargett said. "They are two different things."
Hargett said the students are tested at the beginning and end of the program and the students' principals and guidance counselors decide whether the student gets credit for the work.
"The tests show the principals and counselors where the student improved so they can make a decision on next year's academic path," Hargett said.
Instructor Heather Darracott said students who had a 45 percent passing rate in a regular classroom improved to a 90 percent passing rate after going through the program.
"We teach them learning and study skills that will help the students throughout their academic years," Darracott said.
The program is offered for students in grades 4-8. For more information on Camp Catch Up, call 331-0005.