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Let's get the landscape back

By Staff
Now that the party primaries for county offices have come and gone, we urge all local candidates to pick their signs up in a timely fashion.
Most candidates learned their fate last night and know whether or not they will be facing someone in a run-off, in November's general election or if they are finished for the year.
City elections will be coming up in August so those candidates will begin placing their signs throughout their respective city soon.
It is a shame to travel around our county and still see signs hanging from four years ago.
In at least one instance, a candidate who ran for office eight years ago still has signs on trees.
For candidates who will seek opposition in November, there will be a need to hang your signs once more, but county residents would like to be free of looking at candidate's signs at least for a small part of 2008.
Those who were defeated Tuesday, we hope that you will still keep the county first and pick up your signs as soon as possible.