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Thursday Update: PC woman charged after hitting police officer with her car

By Staff
Jonathan Willis
A Phil Campbell woman was arrested Wednesday night after hitting a Littleville police officer with her car.
Russellville officers arrested Shanna Baker, 31, of 391 Rail Splitter Road in Phil Campbell, about 9 p.m. Wednesday.
Lt. Mark McCormack, of the Alabama Bureau of Investigation, said that a Littleville officer was called to investigate a shoplifting report at the Dollar General store on U.S. 43 in Littleville about 8:30 p.m.
Baker was arrested at the store and taken to the Littleville police station.
"She escaped at the station and made it to her vehicle," McCormack said.
The officer approached the car in an attempt to take her back into custody, he said.
Baker then reportedly sped away, hitting the officer in the process.
"She was trying to flee and struck the officer," McCormack said.
The officer was taken to Medical Center Shoals where he was treated for some cuts and bruises and later released.
Officials are not sure if Baker intended to hit the officer or if it was accidental. The ABI charged her with assaulting an officer and could possibly add hit and run charges, McCormack said.
Littleville Police Chief William Nale said his department charged Baker with third-degree theft in the shoplifting case, but the ABI would be handling the assault charges.