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Students honored for test scores

By Staff
Melissa Cason
Five Russellville Middle School students have already scored high enough to get into college based on some tests.
Those students were recently honored by recognition in the Duke University Talent Identification Program.
RMS Enrichment teacher Sharon Daily said the 7th graders who scored a 95 percent or higher on their Stanford Achievement Test as sixth graders were invited to participate in the program as 7th graders.
"We had 50 students who qualified to participate in the program, but only 14 decided to participate this year," Daily said.
The program allows seventh grade students to take the same ACT test as high school students and compares the scores to other 7th grade students. Students are recognized based on their scores.
"Students are recognized on the state level if they score at least a 21 in at least one area of the test," Daily said.
The students who earned state recognition are Freddy Arqueta, Logan Ezzell, Katelynn Gordon, Drew Malone and Austin Martindale.
These students have been invited to a recognition ceremony in June at the University of Alabama campus.
"We are very proud of them," assistant principal Karen Thorn said.
In addition to receiving state recognition, the students received recognition from the Russellville Board of Education during their last board meeting.
"Our students worked very hard for this," Daily said. "Over the years, their scores in continue to improve."
According to ACT, the average ACT score among high school students is 20. With these students already making 21 in at least one area, improvements in their scores will make them more competitive to get the best scholarships.
"Scholarships are more competitive now than ever," Daily said.
All of the students said they plan to wait until high school before taking the test again.