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Make sure you are ready to vote

By Staff
The right to vote is one of the most hallowed rights Americans hold. It's the right to choose whom we do and do no want leading our cities, counties, states and nation.
It's also a right we all too often take for granted. Historically, voter turnout in Alabama is abysmally low. Our voter registration numbers are also unimpressive.
In Sunday's edition of the Franklin County Times we will publish a list of all the registered voters in Franklin County, along with the precincts in which they are to vote. If you have moved or your voting status has changed, please contact the registrar's office to get this corrected.
If you don't see your name, we urge you to contact the registrar's office and become a registered voter. The local party primaries are coming up in June.
If you plan on casting your vote for one of our local offices, you'd best get moving. We urge you to look at the list this Sunday and make sure you understand your voting status.