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Thanks for making our county cleaner

By Staff
Dear editor, the Times:
I would like to thank those of you who helped us with the first phase of our Main Street Beautification Project in downtown Russellville on Friday, April 18.
We were able to get fresh dirt in 26 of the large pots along with dwarf shrubbery. The pots were donated to the City of Russellville by the Russellville Heritage Preservation Society several years ago. This effort was headed by Frank Bishop. On Friday, Frank came to help and gave us use of his truck. Thanks Frank.
We had a great mix of our junior leadership kids, citizens, political candidates and a garden club member. When we finished, we had a pizza supper for the workers.
I hope to complete the project in the next few days with the addition of ivy and mulch for each pot and then place them on "Main Street."
If your business or club is interested in donating to this project, please contact me at The Chamber of Commerce at 332-1760. Our junior leadership class, our garden clubs and the Chamber will be responsible for the maintenance of the pots. My thanks to the following sponsors: The Kiwanis Club, Country Cottage, Franklin County Times, Wal-Mart and CB&S Bank.
My thanks also to Clint Dotson who has offered his equipment to place the pots at different locations on "Main Street" and has also donated all the mulch for the project. Last but not least, thanks to all the workers.
They were Doris Woodruff, Chase Gilmer, Seth Stewart, Will Barksdale, Michelle Strickland, Lindsey Green, Taylor McGuire, Kristen Mitchell, Brooke Terry, Donnie Horton, Gene Ellison, Jackie Bradford, Rayburn Massey, and Neal Smith.
On Saturday morning, April 19, the Franklin County Chamber of Commerce participated in a Statewide Campaign called People Against A Littered State (PALS). This campaign was sponsored by the Honda Corporation this year.
We collected approximately 25 bags of trash on our county and city streets and highways.
I would like to offer my thanks to the following citizens for helping make this a successful effort: Rayburn Massey, Gene and Freida Ellison, Jackie Bradford, Howard Hutchinson, Kevin Stone, Chase Gilmer, Lindsey Green, Will Barksdale and Kristen Mitchell.
My thanks also to our County Waste Department for picking up the trash bags and disposing of them for us. Thanks to each of you who took the time from your Saturday morning to help us with this statewide effort in Franklin County.
Thanks to all of you for giving of your time to help make this a prettier place to call home.
Cheryl Bradford
Executive Director
Franklin County Chamber of Commerce