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John McCain's 'straight talk?'

By Staff
Jerry Fancher
How can you explain the success that John McCain is having in the primaries and national polls?
The political pundits have given him the Republican nomination after winning two primaries and polling near the top in all of the polls. They do not report on his positions on many of the issues that are dear to most Republicans.
These are the things he has supported:
1. Supported amnesty for illegal aliens;
2. Supported Social Security credit for illegal aliens;
3. Opposed the Bush tax cuts;
4. Author of a campaign law that allows groups to hide the identity of the contributors of mud slinging ads;
5. Opposed to drilling for oil in Alaska;
6. Opposed the marriage amendment to the Constitution;
7. Supported global warming legislation;
8. Supported criminal trials for terrorists;
9. Supported stem-cell research;
10. He usually votes pro life, but opposes the repeal of Roe v. Wade.
McCain boasts that he was the only Republican candidate that supported the surge in Iraq.
The facts are that all the Republican candidates supported the president on this tactic in Iraq.
Even though McCain voted for the war, he has taken the Democrats' position that hinders the military's effort to combat terror.
They wanted terrorists to have trials at Guantanamo. They demanded that the terrorists have full access to intelligence files to prepare their defenses. They opposed the interrogation tactics that the military was using to get information from the detainees.
John McCain has promoted his campaign as the "Straight Talk Express", but his previous actions have spoken louder than his words. His campaign appears to be talking points that reflect positions that appeal to the voters of the current primary.
Jerry Fancher is Chairman of the Franklin County Republican Executive Committee. He can be reached via email at fancherjd@yahoo.com