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Growth needed in all areas

By Staff
The Red Bay City Council voted Monday night to hire two new officers. Part-time dispatcher Kyle Palmer was transferred to fulltime police officer and the council voted to allow the department to take applications to fill another position at the department.
The addition of the new officers will give Red Bay's department eight police officers to serve the community instead of the department working with only six full time officers. Having adequate manpower is important for the safety of the citizens of Red Bay, and to the officers on the street.
While we would like to admit it or not, police officers have kind of a dangerous job. Officers never know what they are going to encounter and they never know when they are going to need help so it is important to have more than one officer on duty at times.
More officers will allow the department to serve more than one citizen at a time should there be multiple situations that need to addressed simultaneously.
Sgt. Scotty Chandler addressed the council Monday night in an effort to help the see them seriousness of the situation, and after they had all the information, the council voted to hire Palmer and another officer as well in order to give their officers the safety and security they need to make sure that every citizen can be served should something urgent arise.
We applaud the Red Bay City Council for taking steps to correcting the problem in order to keep their officers and citizens safe at the same time.