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Employee spotlight

By Staff
Kim West
Franklin County Times
Name: Beth Scott
Hometown: Killen
High School: Brooks
Birthday: December 9
Position/Employer: Peak-time employee, Coffee Bean Caf/
Family: Two sons, Pete, 14, and Austin, 13
FCT: Why did you decide to work at the Coffee Bean?
BS: I used to work in the children's clothing shop across the street, and I would come over here almost every day. My best friend worked here and was getting ready to change jobs, and she suggested that I work here, so I talked to (owner) Melissa (Winstead) and I've been working here since early summer.
FCT: What do you enjoy most about your job?
BS: I like seeing and talking to the people here. It's not really like working – it's like playing and I get paid for it. There's always something going on here or something to do.
FCT: What are your best-selling items?
BS: The Parisian and Arizona sandwiches and the cranberry splash drink. And the soups are very popular, even in the the summertime.
FCT: What are you favorite restaurants?
BS: I love the Bayou Blue in Florence. And I like The Cheesecake Factory in Birmingham. It has so many choices, but I always order the same things – the lettuce wraps or the Vietnamese spring rolls. They're on the appetizer menu and they come with several different dipping sauces, including a peanut sauce and a spicy green sauce that looks nasty but tastes great. They're just delicious.
FCT: What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
BS: I like hanging out with friends and spending time with my family and boyfriend. We like watching movies, and we probably go to the (King) Drive Inn at least five or six times a year. Sometimes they have a triple feature, but usually we see the double feature. They have really good hamburgers that are really thin and greasy. They taste so good and they remind me of a restaurant in Moulton that serves diner-style burgers.
FCT: What are your long-term plans?
BS: I'd like to take a culinary class at (the University of North Alabama). I want to learn how to dice and chop and put things together.