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Reward offered in dog murder

By Staff
Melissa Cason
Franklin County Times
A Russellville man is searching to those responsible for the recent death of his bird dog, an English Setter named Doc, and is offering a $1000 reward for the arrest and conviction of those responsible.
Robert Morrow began searching for his beloved Doc when he went missing from the family's yard earlier this month.
"We really don't know for certain how Doc got out," Morrow said. "All we found was an opened gate."
Morrow searched for his dog for two weeks before someone answered an ad he had placed to help find the lost pooch.
"A lady called and told me that she thought she had found my dog," Morrow said.
Morrow went to the caller's home and she took him where she had found Doc. The dog had been tied to a train track, and Morrow said it was obvious that a train had struck the dog.
"Both of his left legs were cut off, and his body may have been struck by the train as well," Morrow said. "We feel like he bled to death."
Morrow said that there was nothing he could do other than take the dog home for a proper burial.
In the five years Morrow owned the dog, he and Doc spent a lot time together, hunting.
"He was a well trained bird dog," Morrow said. "We have been to several states hunting together."
Morrow is offering a $1,000 reward to anyone who can supply information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for Doc's death.
"I could understand if he had been shot for getting into someone's chickens or something like that but not this," Morrow said. "There was no reason anyone had to tie Doc to the track like that."
Anyone with any information on who is responsible for Doc's death should contact Morrow at 332-3797 or Sgt. Harold Washington at the Russellville Police Station at 332-2230.