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Employee Spotlight

By Staff
Kim West
Franklin County Times
Name: Scotty Kennedy
Hometown: Red Bay
High School: Red Bay
Birthday: Nov. 15, 1977
Position/Employer: Owner, Scotty Kennedy Photography
Family: Two brothers and two sisters
FCT: What is the most rewarding part of your job?
SK: I enjoy the creative aspect of photography. I like to think I'm creative with portraits and capturing the memories of a wedding day. I like getting to work with different people in different situations.
FCT: What is the most challenging aspect of owning your own photography studio?
SK: As with any business, if the economy is on a downslide, then business is going to be slower. Most photography studios are doing less business now. Photography is a luxury, and not a necessity, so you have to market yourself and promote your work. Also, keeping up with technology is challenging becuse it's always changing.
FCT: What advice would you give a person before choosing a photographer?
SK: Go look at their work and talk to referrals. And you will need to decide if you want something traditional or something more candid.
FCT: Did you study photography in college?
SK: I have a degree in graphic design from the University of Mississippi, but I developed an interest in photography in college and took some photography courses.
FCT: What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
SK: I work with the Red Bay Museum and the Civitans – we worked on the Red Bay history book and planned the Tammy Wynette benefits concerts. I'm involved with the Bay Tree Council for the Performing Arts, and I perform in the productions. Sometimes I do set design and publicity.