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Dog owner and family deserve justice

By Staff
The kind of person who would needlessly harm an animal is one of the sickest and vile individuals that could possibly be allowed to exist. Thanks to one of these kinds of people, one local family will suffer through the holidays without their friend and hunting partner.
Robert Morrow began searching for his beloved dog, Doc, when he went missing from the family's home earlier this month. A few days ago, he was told of his friend's gruesome demise.
Some sick and demented individual had tied the dog to a train track. The dog was eventually struck by a train.
A stray dog can be a nuisance but the fate Doc suffered was not warranted. We can think of nothing a dog could possibly do to warrant such a brutal tack. Anyone with any information about who is responsible for Doc's death should contact Morrow at 332-3797 or Sgt. Harold Washington at the Russellville Police Station at 332-2230.
There is $1000 on the line for the arrest of this vile person, but the satisfaction of putting this person to justice is worth even more than that.