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Bama needs IB victory

By Staff
Kim West
FCT Sports Editor
There are a lot of interestng storylines for this year's Iron Bowl, including the intrigue surrounding Tommy Tuberville's future on the Plains and the controversy swirling around Nick Saban's recent comments.
For the past five seasons, Auburn has dominated this series. That is partly because the Tigers have outplayed Bama, and partly because the Capstone has had a revolving door in the head coach's office ever since Gene Stallings graced the sidelines.
There are a lot of storied rivalries in college football – Army-Navy, Texas-Oklahoma, Ohio State-Michigan – but because I'm an SEC fan, I believe the Iron Bowl, which dates back to 1893, is the definition of a rivalry game. What other game sparks talks of "divided houses" and causes people to actually schedule much more important events (weddings, family vacations, etc.) around a football weekend?
I'm disappointed CBS decided to pass on broadcasting the game, but it doesn't really matter since ESPN will carry it at 7 p.m. and there's always the Snake and Eli on the radio. This season, Alabama and Auburn are non-factors in the hunt for the national and SEC titles, and Heisman hopeful Tim Tebow is the probably the main reason why the disappointing Gators will play against FSU in the primetime slot.
Bama's calling cards have always been a dominating defense and a reliable rushing game, but they have neither this season. If you've kept the faith this season and watched the Crimson Tide put the ball in John Parker Wilson's questionable hands, then you know that Bama has only won once this season when JP has struggled, and that was against Vandy.
Tuberville's teams have a knack for winning when you don't expect them to win, but the Tigers also seem to lose the ones they should win, so I have no idea what's going to happen Saturday. I'm just hoping it's not a repeat of the 9-0 snoozer in 2000. I'm picking Bama to win by a Leigh Tiffin field goal, 20-17.