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Calling all galloping gourmets

By By Jason Cannon
Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday. Who needs presents or fireworks when you can settle down with a plate full of my grandmother's dressing?
When I was growing up, I remember shuttling back and forth from both sets of grandparents to eat a huge lunch followed by an even larger supper.
It was a challenge sometimes to stuff down all the sweet potatoes, pie, turkey and deviled eggs but somehow I managed.
There are few things in this world I love more than deviled eggs and they have to be made a certain way. In other words, my grandmother has to make them. Just ask Tiffany, who – bless her heart – just doesn't have my Grandmaw's finesse when it comes to deviling eggs. There are trade-offs of course. Tiffany's sweet potato pie is out of this world and somehow I'm lucky enough to get my own.
Actually, it's the second of two pies she's made for Thanksgiving, which I hide until all our company is gone.
This year, you can play a part in helping fill the plates of your fellow Franklin Countians.
The Franklin County Times will publish its annual "Holiday Cookin' Sheet" later this month, just in the nick of time for you to evaluate your Christmas menu.
If you're a suffering cookbook author, or maybe a closet gourmet, please send us your recipes so we can share them with the county.
All recipes will include the authors' name, so please make sure they are original to your family or a close friend.
It just might ruin your Christmas to get a phone call from Bobby Flay who notices you two share a recipe for Chipotle roasted lamb.
All entrants will be entered into a drawing for a free ham.
We'll put all the entries in a hat and pull out one name. That person will win the ham.
Hopefully there will be a good ham recipe in this year's Cookin' Sheet. If not, I'm sure Bobby Flay has a recipe you might be able to borrow.