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Creativity captures students' imaginations

By Staff
The Creating Responsible Individuals and Cultivating Knowledge of Environmental Teamwork (CRICKET) project at Tharptown School has been completed after a year of planning and hard work.
Project coordinators Melissa Cox Marqueta Prince should be thanked for their ingenuity and thoughtfulness as they put this plan in motion.
We'd also like to recognize Lana Horton, Serra Horton, Tommy Murray, Jacob Murray, Heather Parrish, Katina Petree, Brady Petree, Carson Petree, Macy Petree, Tim Harrison, Melissa Harrison, Darryl Taylor, Billy Sparks, David Gaston, Clyde Hallmark, Mitchell Lane, Jessica Myrick, Mike "Pops" Franklin, Steve's Quinn's Grocery and Russellville Cutstone for their contributions.
Keeping students interested in learning is half the battle.