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A night out on the town

By By Jason Cannon
Today, the holiday season truly kicks off.
Halloween begins the four month march of monthly holidays that end on New Year's Day.
I really enjoy Halloween.
I remember going to countless Halloween parties when I was in high school and many Halloween Poker Walks through downtown Birmingham while I was in college.
I've always enjoyed Halloween but in the past few year's it's changed a lot for me.
October 31, 2004 was my first Halloween as a father.
Lizzie was barely three months old then but that didn't stop Tiffany from dressing her up.
Lizzie spent much of her first Halloween dressed as a frog and helping me hand out candy to the neighborhood children who came by for candy.
Her second Halloween was much more productive. Dressed in a ladybug costume, Lizzie walked all over the county in search of candy.
She was only a year old at the time and I can still remember her little legs pumping back and forth up and down people's sidewalks.
She gave that night all she had and fell asleep on the way back home.
Last year, dressed as Elmo, Lizzie lit the streets of Russellville ablaze. At two years old, she was chock full of energy and fully understood that saying "Trick or Treat" meant she was going to get some candy.
After the first hour, Tiffany and I were exhausted but Lizzie wasn't stopping until that last porch light was out.
When we got home, she went though her candy bucket and named everything that she'd gotten.
I'm not sure if she even ate all the Halloween candy she scored last year. It would have been quite a feast if she did.
Tonight, dressed as Supergirl, my now three year old little candy hunter will once again take to the streets around our home trying to get her share of the candy before it's all gone.
This year has a little added significance: Lizzie picked out her own costume.
How and why she arrived at Supergirl I've yet to understand, but it doesn't really matter. It's her day and she can enjoy it as anyone she likes.