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Local bakery serves freshly baked pastries, breads and cakes

By Staff
Kim West
Franklin County Times
Don't let the name of Mexico Cakes &Bakery fool you – the family-owned shop in downtown Russellville attracts a wide range of customers, according to owner Ezequiel Gutierrez.
"We have all kinds of customers – Americans, Mexicans, Guatemalans – and we get people who come from Florence, Decatur, Tennessee and Mississippi," said Gutierrez, who runs the shop and handles the baking, while his wife, Latecia Najera, operates the front counter.
Gutierrez grew up in Mexico and spent several years working in California before moving to Russellville, where he decided to open his own business after working as a baker for 22 years.
"I opened this bakery two years ago, after my brother-in law in Florida gave me the opportunity to open my own business," Gutierrez said. "He gave me a loan and said I could pay him back a little each month, but in three months I was able to pay everything back."
The bakery offers American-style cookies and brownies, along with traditional Mexican pastries that are baked fresh every day, including galletas (jelly or chocolate-filled pastries), bolas de berlin (creme-filled doughnuts), tacos de pina (pastries with pineapple filling) and banderillas (glazed pastries).
Gutierrez said that several types of fruit fillings are available in his pastries.
"We have fresh strawberry, peach, banana, kiwi and pineapple fillings, and we also sell orange-flavored muffins.
Pinatas and custom-made cakes for birthdays, anniversaries and weddings are also available.
Gutierrez also sells freshly-baked white bread, and he said he uses a special type of flour in all of his products.
"I buy flour from a company in Atlanta called Dawn Foods," Gutierrez said. "I probably use at least 150 pounds of flour each day, and 50 pounds or more of sugar."
Gutierrez said he enjoys running his own business, despite the long hours.
"Business is good," he said. "I wouldn't change anything."
Mexico Cakes &Bakery, located at 111 Franklin St. NW in Russellville, is open Thursday through Tuesday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. For more information, call 331-9970.