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Help with slow cooking

By Staff
Suzanne Langcuster
Slow cooking in a crock pot is a wonderful treat for working mothers and fathers or anyone else.
Cooking in a slow cooker allows plenty of time for your meats to get tender and your soups and chili's have time to soak up all the good seasonings, onions and garlic.
Best of all, if you have time to get it in the crock pot before you go off to work, you have a warm meal ready and waiting for you when you step in the door.
When preparing crock meals here are some helpful hints the Alabama Cattlemen's Association has given us to insure we have success with this project:
Beef Basics
It is easy when you have had a stressful day to rush in and spread some sandwiches, fry a burger or fry up some eggs and bacon for dinner.
But, remember you are trying to follow the guidelines for healthy living. By sharing with friends, checking newspapers and magazines or looking through your recipe books, you can find some slow cooker recipes that will give your family a source of five vegetables they need a day and a protein serving to boot.
It is certainly worth it and you will be helping yourself, because you are saving time and will have more time when you get in to visit with family.
Remember to save the recipes for another day. Just put all your ingredients into one pot in the morning and everything will be done for your dinner meal, and as my granddaughter says,"And you know what? You only have one pot to wash."
Suzanne Langcuster is a food writer for the Franklin County Times.