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Lessons keep whole county from being very 'SADD'

By Staff
The Red Bay High School SADD Chapter hosted a guest speaker yesterday to encourage fellow students to make good choices that enhance them instead of standing in their way.
Reginald Watkins, Sr. talked to the students about being responsible, respectful to peers and those who are in charge, and to communicate problems to parents, teachers and other people in charge.
He also encouraged students to participate in activities such as sports, SADD and other worthwhile organizations as a way to stay off drugs and alcohol.
Statistics show that students who participate in activities are less likely to get involved with drugs or alcohol.
Students need to take responsibility for their behavior and realize that the choices they make today will affect the rest of the lives. The Red Bay SADD Chapter is dedicated to helping their peers make good choices.
To be more effective in their mission, The Red Bay's SADD Chapter tries to find new and interesting ways to encourage their peers to make better choices and healthy decisions. These SADD members are truly an exceptional group of students and they should know that the parents and community members appreciate their hard work. Hopefully, the SADD chapter at Red Bay along with other chapters will help many students make better decisions so that they can go on to become responsible and productive adults.