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Russellville FD holds safety class at WES

By Staff
Melissa Cason
The Russellville Fire Department began visiting schools as part of the department's effort to educate the county's youth about fire prevention and fire safety.
The department will visit all of the county school to teach young boys and girls what to do in case their homes were to catch on fire.
Their first stop was at Russellville's West Elementary School where each class was instructed on what to do in the event of a fire, and was given an opportunity to practice these skills in the fire safety house.
"We show them [the students] what to do if their house was to catch on fire, and we help them evacuate through a simulated fire," Fire Chief Joe Mansell said.
The simulated fire is in the rear of the fire safety house, which is a small mobile home that helps firefighters teach students the danger zones. The "bedroom" area is filled with smoke and each child evacuates from the building with the help of firefighters.
One of the main points taught to students is the importance of a meeting place.
"Every family needs a meeting place to know who is still in the house," Mansell said.
In addition to learning about safety, the students learned the role of firefighters, and were given the opportunity to see the truck and ask questions about firefighting.
The department will visit WES again today for the older students, and will continue with the county schools next week.
"We try to go into the schools as much as possible to help educate students about fire safety," Mansell said.