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By Staff
It's what's for dinner
By Suzanne Lungcaster
Orland Britnell, of the county and state Cattlemen's Association, recently passed on to me some wonderful recipes from Alabama Beef Producers through their Beef Checkoff Program.
October is beef month and we are looking forward to passing these recipes on to you soon.
Beef plays an important role in our area. We think the beef recipes we will be printing offer some great ideas for your dinner table and for the holidays coming up. We use beef for cook-offs, Sunday dinners, Mexican feasts, Italian foods and many others.
Most people prefer beef, especially for celebrations. I know our family does.
Beef is important to our nutritional diet. Beef provides protein, zinc and iron, which keeps us lean and strong. This source of protein can supply energy for your whole body. It gives you the power to perform and helps build and repair all parts of your body.
Zinc helps power your brain. It helps you think and remember important facts. It also helps your body heal and fight off illness.
Iron in beef helps carry oxygen in your blood. Your brain and your body need oxygen to help you do your best at everything you do.
Beef is one of your best sources of iron.
When shopping for beef, choose the lean portions, even in ground beef. Many stores mark the percentage of fat in meat portions.
Some lean cuts of beef are:
Top Sirloin Steak
95 percent Lean Ground Beef
Chuck Shoulder Steak
Top Loin Steak
T-Bone Steak
Brisket, Flat Half
Bottom Round Steak
Top Round
Eye Round
Round Tip
Enjoy some beef this month. It can make a meal very special and is nutritious, too.
Thanks to the Alabama and Franklin County Cattleman's Association for these helpful beef facts and recipes we will be enjoying and passing along to you soon.
Suzanne Lungcaster is a food columnist for the Franklin County Times.