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Death sentence a sad end to story

By Staff
Staff editorial
Franklin County Times
The last chapter in one of the most heinous crimes in the history of Red Bay was written Monday when Franklin County Circuit Judge Terry Dempsey sentenced Jody Wayne Waldrop to death for killing his infant son in September 2005.
Dempsey heard statements from the state and the defense prior to passing sentence in the case.
Franklin County District Attorney Joey Rushing asked for the judge to impose the death penalty in the case.
"Eye for an Eye" justice is a cold part of the legal system, and is typically reserved for the most obscene of crimes.
The murder of an infant at the hands of his father certainly ranks among the most vile of the vile.
After all the legal push and pull, Judge Dempsey said that he had no doubt that Waldrop engaged in conduct that killed the victim in this case.
Waldrop is the first person in Franklin County to ever be given the death penalty.
In the end, there are only three people who will ever know what happened that Autumn day: Jody Waldrop, baby Chance and God. While many disagree with imposing death on such a case, it seems very fitting considering the crime.