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Tykes pick favorite apples

By Staff
Melissa Cason, Franklin County Times
The four-year-old class at Little Tigers Preschool participated in an apple tasting activity as part of the children's lesson on apple trees yesterday.
The results were surprising.
Fifty percent of the students selected the Granny Smith apple as their favorite.
"This is really shocking," Teacher Shelana Moore said. "We did this activity last year, and all of the kids said the Granny Smith apples were nasty and gross."
But, the results are accurate. Fifty percent of the students choose the Granny Smith over both the Red Delicious Apples and the Golden Delicious Apples. Thirty percent of the class selected the Red Delicious as their favorite while only 20 percent selected the Golden Delicious.
The class of 16 students each tasted the apples one at a time in groups of two. While most of the children liked the apples, there were one or two picky eaters.
As the students took each bite, they produced a little smile, and added a some comments as Moore asked them what they thought.
"I love 'em," Sophie Moore said.
"It's got a little bit of juice in it," Will Bonner told Ian Miller during the tasting in an effort to coax him into taking bite.
Once the tasting was done, the student's returned to their seats and finished their apples.
"Now that we have tasted the apples, you know what kind you like best so mom can get them at the grocery store," Moore told her class.
The results of each student is as follows: Eli Smith, Granny Smith; Sophie Moore, Granny Smith; Jasmine Garcia, Granny Smith; Collin Bonner, Granny Smith; Mirand Haithcock, Red Delicious; Aidan Fuller, Granny Smith; Olivia Hood, Red Delicious; Alyssa Green, Golden Delicious; Amber Channeli, Red Delicious; Selena Cruz, Golden Delicious; Carson Pace, Red Delicious; Shelby Carson, Granny Smith; Will Bonner, Granny Smith; and Ian Miller. Red Delicious.