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Rushing hits 10 year mark with DA's office

By Staff
Melissa Cason
Franklin County Times
Franklin County District Attorney Joey Rushing recently celebrated a milestone in his career: He has been a part of the Franklin County District Attorney's office for 10 years.
Over the past 10 years, Rushing has worked under three different district attorneys, and has taken over the reigns as District Attorney three years ago.
In that time period, he has seen a number of changes in staffing and in the cases he sees.
"The biggest change is the huge growth of meth in Franklin County," Rushing said. "When I first started, cocaine and prescription medications were the drugs of choice."
Rushing began working on the district court level in Franklin County, handling misdemeanor and traffic cases. Eventually, he worked himself into the courtroom with larger cases before being elected District Attorney in 2004.
Rushing said that when he first became an employee of the District Attorney's Office, he had limited experience in the courtroom.
"I had only been involved with a jury trial twice before becoming coming here," Rushing said.
He admits that practice does make perfect, or at least it allows for improvement.
"The more you try cases, the more comfortable you are in the courtroom," he said.
Another change over the past 10 years is the readiness of the people he contests in the courtroom – the defense attorneys. Rushing said that he definitely sees a difference in defense attorney's practices, which makes it more difficult to prove cases.
"Over the past 10 years, there are more excellent defense attorneys out there, and they are more prepared than they used to be," Rushing said.
Rushing describes his career with the District Attorney's office as an educational roller coaster ride.
"You can't help learn from those that come before you," Rushing said. "I have learned from both the good and the bad."
Rushing said the goal of his office is to help people, and that is his ultimate goal.
"If we can help someone that needs it, and protect society at the same time, that's what we try to do," he added.
Rushing said that he had definitely enjoyed the last 10 years and hopes to serve Franklin County for many more to come.