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Look around your homes to find some Fall fun

By Staff
After battling months of insanely high temperatures, weeks of dry weather and drought, and humidity thick enough to trip you as you walk through it, fall is finally here.
Officially, the first day of fall is Sunday but in Alabama, Autumn is christened when the first pigskin of the season is teed up.
Temperatures have plummeted in recent weeks, and it's been pleasantly cool even in the peek hours of the day.
In some areas, leaves have begun to dust the ground and it's not hard to find small piles of them scattered around the county.
As you begin to look for ways to enjoy this mild weather, we encourage you to look no further than your backdoor.
Take a trip to City Lake Park or a stroll around Sloss Lake. Enjoy some time on the beaches and shores of any one of Franklin County's wonderful lakes.
Take your children or grandchildren to any of the municipal parks. Take your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend for a picnic, or just take a stroll up and down your neighborhood.
There are many wonderful things in our county to enjoy this fall. Find one and have some fun.