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Football fever firing up

By Staff
Melissa Cason, Franklin County Times
Tomorrow is Labor Day, which traditionally marks the end of summer even though the warm weather usually persists a few weeks into September and, sometimes, even October.
In addition to this being a long weekend, it is also the official start of football season. In my house, football season is usually filled with my husband whining because him team, Florida State, is not playing to their potential – or they are just plain losing.
You would think that Jimmy's love of the game would stop there, but no. He has to watch every game imaginable, and watch the highlights over and over again.
When we go out to eat, he watches whatever game happens to be playing instead of listening to me. In fact, he is so much in love with the game that nothing else really matters.
I can remember a time in 2002, we traveled to Houston, Texas to attend my stepbrother's wedding. Jimmy had the FSU/Miami game on the tube while we were getting ready, and when the time came for us to go to the church, he found a radio station that was broadcasting the game. And, when the game was over, and FSU lost by a few points, Jimmy claimed that his team lost simply because he was unable to watch. To this day, he protests that if he had been watching his beloved 'Noles would have won.
This year he is complaining that he won't be home enough to really enjoy football Saturdays. After almost a decade with this person, I think it's time for me to say, "stop the madness; it's only a game honey. And whether you are watching or not does not affect the final outcome."
Now that I feel much better, I can honestly say that I really don't like football season, but I loved it when I was in high school. I miss the nachos and the hot dogs, sitting on cold bleachers and seeing the band play at halftime. To me, high school football was what life was all about – at least back then. I think I liked high school ball because I could actually attend the games, not that attending a college game would have been too difficult, we just never did.
And, call me crazy but I like watching players that I actually knew. After all, my brother played the sport for 12 years. My parents dragged me to every game, home and away. After awhile, you just adapt to it, and now I miss it.
My dad used to say that I spent more time talking to my friends and flirty with guys than I did watching the game. My reply to that was, "what do you expect? I hate sports."
Now that I am all grown up, I miss the cool night air, the noise and all the people fighting to get to the concession stand.
For all you football maniacs, namely Jimmy Cason, I wish your teams the best of luck, and ask politely not to throw things if they don't.