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Local skateboarders getting a dry run

By Staff
Melissa Cason, Franklin County Times
RED BAY- Skateboarding youngsters will get the opportunity to sample ramps during Labor Day when a ramp company comes to Red Bay and offers a trial run of the ramps available before the city breaks ground on its skate park.
"We expect to start construction on the new skate park before the end of the year," Mayor Jeff Reid said.
Reid added that they only expect the construction of the new park to take a few weeks but the city needs input as to what to purchase for the new park, which prompted American Ramp Company to add Red Bay to their Demo Tour and seek out some professional opinions.
"Skaters will have a chance to try out different ramps to see which ones they like and the ones they don't," Reid said.
The demonstration ramps will be located beside the family water park on the old tennis court grounds, Monday, Sept. 3 from 4 to 6 p.m.
"Everyone must sign a waiver and wear a helmet in order to participate in the demo tour," Reid said.
He added that anyone interested can go by city hall to sign a waiver prior to Monday's events, or they can sign a waiver on site. However, a parent must be present when the waiver is signed.
The ramp company will also have products from their three manufactured lines.
The skate session will consist of music and a few contests for participants.
The ramp company will also be giving away prizes.
Reid said that the skate park will be an open park, and participants will skate at their own risk. Skaters will be permitted at the park from dawn to dusk each day.
"We are modeling the skate park after the skate park in Florence to give our youth an outdoor activity," Reid said.
The park is funded in part by a grant from the State of Alabama, and the city is providing matching funds.