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Belue brothers patrol Red Bay

By Staff
Melissa Cason, Franklin County Times
RED BAY-On any given night, the citizens of Red Bay see a unique duo patrolling the streets to keep their neighborhood safe. While the pair are like the other officers at Red Bay, one thing sets them apart from the rest: They are brothers.
Rodney Belue joined the Red Bay Police Department last March, teaming up with his brother, Scottie, to help keep their neighborhood safe.
"The whole decision to come to Red Bay was based on family," Rodney said. " But, I got lucky to be on my brother's shift, working under him."
Rodney said that he and Scottie share the same philosophy about police work. They both believe that it's an honor to put on a uniform in order to serve and protect their community.
"It does make me feel good to be back at home," Rodney said. "This is my chance to make a difference in my own community."
The Belue brothers come from a long line of law enforcement.
Their father was a police officer, and they both admit being a police office is all they really wanted to do with their lives.
"It's like a family tradition [going into law enforcement]," Scottie said. "We have about a dozen relatives in law enforcement as well."
While Rodney is relatively new to Red Bay's department, he's been involved with law enforcement since 1997.
He began as a reserve officer and corrections officer before becoming a process server in 2000.
He was certified at the police academy earlier this year, just prior to joining Red Bay.
Scottie, on the other hand, began his career in Port City, Louisiana in 1989 before taking a job at Red Bay as a dispatcher 1998.
Scottie went to the academy in 2000 at Jacksonville State University. He is now in charge of training for the department, serves as an instructor for several different areas and is the deputy commander of the Franklin County Special Response Team.
Scottie believes in doing his job to the best of his ability, and he believes in the brotherhood of police work.
"The greatest resource of any organization is the men and women who dedicate their professional careers to its function," Scottie said. "Working for the Red Bay Police Department is more than just a job, it's a commitment to doing whatever it takes to protect and serve the citizens of Red Bay and Franklin County."
He added that fulfillment of this commitment requires the men and women of his department to approach each day cognizant of the obligation to hold ourselves to a higher ethical and moral standards in carrying out the duties and responsibilities of the assigned jobs.
"I am proud to work, live and play in Red Bay with my family, friends and neighbors," Scottie said.
He concluded by saying that when it comes to criminal activity in Red Bay that "this is our town, and there is no place for criminals here."