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Tharptown preps for full varsity schedule

By Staff
Kim West, Franklin County Times
THARPTOWN – Tharptown is confident about its first full varsity schedule this fall, according to football coach Dale Overton.
"Last year we just wanted to be competitive, and we were because we had a chance to win every game," Overton said. "This year our goals have changed because we feel we can win every game this year."
Tharptown played seven varsity games and three "B" games in 2006. This season's schedule features a full slate of varsity games, although the Wildcats won't play a region schedule or qualify for the playoffs until the 2008 season.
"Our first priority this week is get the players adjusted to the heat and time of practice," Overton said. "We're also focusing on conditioning and basic fundamentals."
Tharptown finished 5-5 last season without a home stadium or practice field. Tharptown started practice Monday at its new practice field, just a long pass away from its brand-new stadium.
"For condititioning, we tried hard to work on long-distance endurance. We want to them to be conditioned for four quarters, rather than short-distance sprinting," Overton said. "One of the things that hurt us was not having a facility to work out in until the end of July (due to construction)."
Overton said the skill positions are settled, but the offensive and defensive lines have openings.
"Our skill people are set, but we have a lot of holes to fill on the offensive line and defensive line," Overton said. "I'm looking for more physical play and more bodies because we only had five or six players last year, and they had to play both ways. We'll probably add some more players now that school has started back."
The Wildcats will make their home debut Friday, August 31 against Vina.