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Gray Rock's first squad formed 73 years ago

By Staff
Kim West, Franklin County Times
Basketball was a much different game during Ed Welborn's school days more than 70 years ago.
"Back in those days, you jumped center every time (for possession), instead of just at the beginning of each half," Welborn said.
Welborn's older brother, C.W. Welborn, played center on Gray Rock School's first basketball team in 1933-34, along with guard JD Hardy, guard Okra Hardy, center Alvin "Red" Smith, guard George Garrison and guard "Little Bill" DuBois.
"They played a junior schedule, and they were between the ages of 15 to 18," Welborn said.
"And all six of them are still alive today."
Gray Rock was a tiny school once located on Cherry Hill Mountain in Franklin County. It later became known as Enterprise School, but it no longer exists.
"There was a time we had only one teacher and one classroom, and then we eventually had two teachers," Welborn said.
"The basketball team played on an outdoor court that we all got together and helped build – we took what little money the county could provide and built it ourselves."