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County's deck is full

By Staff
Our most hearty thanks goes out to Sen. Roger Bedford, Rep. Johnny Mack Morrow, Mitch Mays, Barry Moore, all of the county's mayors, council persons and commissioners.
The $600,000 Sen. Bedford was able to wrangle to Franklin County was a huge step in the right direction for a county sitting on the cusp of some of the most fervent economical development on record.
Automotive suppliers and huge industrial operations have sprung up all around us.
Logistically, Franklin County makes a lot of sense for anyone looking to relocate in the Southeast.
Now, with more that half a million dollars committed to improve its industrial parks and offerings, it should be even more attractive.
It shows business moguls and industrial tycoons that the state has enough faith in Franklin County to dedicate that amount of funding to further its development.
Attracting quality industry in your area is a cut throat business.
Often it comes down to who has the largest pile of chips and who brings the most cards to the table.
This money was a huge ace and a large pile of chips that puts Franklin County at the big boy's table.