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Skate parks needed across the county

By Staff
It's a rarity in Franklin County to drive through one of our municipalities and not see a gaggle of children on skateboards.
Most often, you see them on sidewalks or parking lots.
While they typically don't bother anything, they've gathered a reputation – skateboarders nationwide share a reputation – that they are a nuisance .
You see them "grinding" across parking space dividers, sliding down the metal hand rails and zipping up and down the sidewalks.
Most people are more concerned for their personal property that the safety of the skateboarder, but finding a safe place to skate can be impossible.
While the new Red Bay facility will offer a local refuge for local skateboarders, the crowd will eventually become very large, putting many back on the streets.
This type of gathering place can be a great thing for the community and its children, and we urge the remaining municipalities and the county commission to see what they can do to follow Red Bay's lead.