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Red Bay to stiffen burn ordinance penalties

By Staff
Melissa Cason, Franklin County Times
RED BAY- Franklin County is in the midst of a record drought and the City of Red Bay is positioning itself to take serious action against anyone who has failed to notice.
This week, the council voted to amend the city's existing burn ordinance to include guidelines for its enforcement and consequences for burning without a permit.
While residents of Red Bay have been required to obtain a permit from the fire department for the burning of leaves or paper items on their property, the original ordinance did not include penalties for breaking the law or who could enforce it in the event of a violation.
Red Bay Police Chief Pat Creel said that the city has not had a serious problem with residents failing to acquire permits before burning, but the dry conditions prompted city officials to look at the ordinance.
"Before, we couldn't do anything if we caught someone burning without a permit," Creel said. "Now, it is clear who will enforce the ordinance."
According to the ordinance, the fire chief or any law enforcement official has the power to issue citations to those who are caught violating the ordinance. Those citations will require the offender to appear in municipal court to answer on the charges
If convicted of violating the city's burn ordinance, offenders could be ordered to:
While the council voted to amend their burn ordinance, Fire Chief Bud Strickland advises that there is still a no-burn order in effect for all of Franklin County therefore, no one will be permitted to burn anything until the order is lifted.
For more information on the guidelines of the new ordinance, contact city hall, your council representative or the fire department.