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Highway 43 speed limit increase ok'd

By Staff
Melissa Cason, Franklin County Times
The speed limit has been increased to 55 miles per hour at the overpass on Highway 43 just north of Russellville.
The limit increase was affective last week, ending nearly a year long process initiated by the city, Russellville Police Chief Chris Hargett said.
"Nobody drove the speed limit in that area, and we couldn't issue a ticket to every single driver," Hargett said.
With the increase, drivers can drive 55 until the limit drops to 45 just north of the Peebles' Department Store. While the speed limit has increased, the tolerance level of police officers has decreased.
"We are going to be less tolerant of those who do not abide by the speed limit," Hargett said.
The police department is utilizing its speed trailer to make the motorist aware of their speed and to slow drivers down.
The city decided to ask the state to increase the speed limit in the area north of Russellville because the limit went from 65 miles per hour to 45 all at once. The department did not show the area as a high accident area.
"I'm not sure what the limit on Highway 43 was when they set the limit to 45, but it just makes more sense for the limit to be 55 in that area," Hargett said.
The speed limit signs were changed last Thursday and Friday, but the police department was not given immediate notification that the limit was changing.
"We were out there when they [the state] changed the signs or we wouldn't have known the limit had been increased," Hargett said.
He added that the department would be closely monitoring traffic in this area and violators would receive a citation.