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Think about freedom's meaning

By Staff
Melissa Cason
This week I was faced with the challenge of writing a series of very difficult stories as we heard news of the death of 2002 Phil Campbell graduate while serving in Iraq.
Sgt. William Edward Brown died on June 23.
In a county like ours, news travels fast, but this time it wasn't about anything good. It was about the loss of a son.
Once I got wind of his death, I had to start making some difficult phone calls to family members to gain information on not only the soldier, but also the man that had given his life for his God and country.
As the sister of an Army sergeant, this story hit very close to home and I found myself drowning in a sea of emotions while putting pieces together for this story.
I also found myself questioning why a young man with a loving wife and family and two young children had to die.
While it's not my job to question such things, the answer was given to me over and over again at his memorial service in Phil Campbell on Friday: The price of freedom can often include blood.
As we get ready to celebrate Independence Day this Wednesday, I ask everyone to think about what our freedom really means.
It means that we are able to read, watch, think and worship the way we want. It means that, for the most part, our children are safe and out of harm's way.
In addition to pondering the meaning of freedom, I want you to remember what it costs us as a nation, because freedom doesn't come cheap. Freedom costs servicemen and women time away from their families and their children.
That precious time can never be regained. And, for some like Sgt. Brown, the price of freedom means giving the ultimate sacrifice.
As an American and as a sister of a soldier, I believe there is nothing more honorable than to give one's life for God and country.
It is the ultimate sacrifice, and while it is a very high price to pay, several thousands of men and women have graciously paid that price since the formation of our country.
This week, while you are celebrating the holiday, remember what your freedom cost and pay tribute to those have paid it for you.
Remember our fallen brothers and sisters.