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Making a huge personal sacrifice

By Staff
Today, we hope you read closely the story of Stanley Allison and Monica Balding.
We hope, that if nothing else, Stanley and Monica's story has shown how intense a true friendship can be; how the bond of a ture friendship, coupled with a stong faith, can change a person's life.
We also hope that the story raised your awareness of kindey disease and failure.
An estimated 3.83 percent of adults aged 20 or older (7.7 million adults) have physiological evidence of chronic kidney disease determined as a moderately or severely reduced glomerular filtration rate.
Kidney's are pair of organs in the abdomen that remove waste from the blood (as urine), produce erythropoietin (a substance that stimulates red blood cell production), and play a role in blood pressure regulation.
The most interesting fact about kidneys is that, while most of us have two, we really only need one to live a normal life.
That gives the majority of us the ability to ride to the rescue of a loved-one.
The organ most commonly given by a living donor is the kidney.
Kidney failure can seriously hinder a person's quality of life. In some cases, it can prove fatal.
Giving the gift of life is an amazing thing and we appreciate the sacrifice Ms. Balding and her family made for Stanley, who remains a dear friend of this newspaper and its staff.
We hope her love and courage will inspire others to be there for their friends and family should the need arise.