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Red Bay includes younger students in celebration planning

By Staff
Red Bay is getting the kids involved with the upcoming centennial celebration by creating a junior centennial committee.
The committee will be comprised of students in grades K through 12. Their first meeting will be held in mid-July. Registration for the committee is going on now, and there is no membership fee to join in the fun.
This is a great way to get younger students and their parents involved with the centennial celebration, which will be held in mid-September. The more involved the children are, the more pride they will show when it comes time for the celebration.
The children's participation will also help them learn more about their town and how it was formed. It's important for children to know about their heritage, and becoming involved with events, such as the junior centennial celebration committee, gives them a fun outlet to learn.
The new committee also helps parents become more involved with the celebration, and more involvement means better attendence at the celebration, which is important because every resident should help celebrate this milestone because everyone has made Red Bay a great place to live.
This is an exciting time for Red Bay. One-hundred years is a big achievement, and while the town has evolved through the generations, its citizens still have the same since of pride as their founder's did 100 years ago.
Every resident in Red Bay is encouraged to take an active role in the centennial celebration because your town will only turn 100 once.