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Centennial committee forms junior wing

By Staff
Rebecca Walker, Franklin County Times
RED BAY – Red Bay's Centennial Committee recently began a new chapter for the younger generation.
The Junior Centennial Committee is made up of kindergarteners through twelfth graders. The group's first organizational meeting will take place on July 17 at Bay Tree Park. July 17 is also Founder's Day for Red Bay. There will be events commemorating the day that will be taking place in the park.
The purpose of this meeting, and future meetings, is to work on projects for the Sept. 15 birthday celebration in Red Bay.
Projects that the members will be working on include interviewing older citizens of the town to compare and contrast their lives to the lives of decades past, researching Red Bay history, making toys of the past and following recipes from old cookbooks, some of which were written more than 100 years ago.
The interviews will be recorded by Jack Ivy at WRMG.
Anyone interested in joining is encouraged to do so, according to Sue Entrekin, who works with the committee. Membership is free, and members are being signed up now. Children will be working on the project during the first part of the school year as an after school program in the library.
"We want to encourage children and their parents who may be interested to join us. We will be using the children's ideas and artwork as well, so we hope that several will be involved," said Entriken.
Members will be recognized at the Centennial Celebration. Members who are in ninth through twelfth grades will be receiving community service hours for their work.
Those interested in joining may do so by contacting either Cheryl Winchester or Sue Entriken at 356-4412.
The Junior Centennial Committee was made possible through a Learn and Serve Grant from the Alabama Department of Education.