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Local water conservation steps loom

By Staff
Melissa Cason, Franklin County Times
Although Franklin County got some well needed rain yesterday, rainfall for the county is still well below normal for the year.
If the drought continues for our area, experts say changes will need to conserve water.
"We haven't had to do anything yet, but we are looking at having to talk to the public about water conservation," Doug Aaron, superintendent of operations of Franklin County Water Authority, said.
While there is no immediate need for water conservation in our county, Aaron said that it's a good idea for our area to prepare for cutbacks if the drought continues another three to six months.
"It's been dry for the past three months or so, and if it continues it's going to get tough," Aaron said.
Aaron said that it's best for customers to start conserving water now so customers won't feel the pinch as badly when and if mandatory restrictions are imposed.
There are several easy ways to begin conserving water. Washing your car at a coin car wash rather than at home is one of the easiest ways to conserve water, Aaron said.
"Using a coin car wash to wash your car uses one-third less water than washing it at home," Aaron said.
Another simple way to conserve water, and possibly save on energy costs, is repairing any pipes or plumbing that leak.
"Many people don't realize how fast a leaky faucet can add up to gallons of water," Aaron said.
Aaron said that watering plants in the evening hours, or by placing a bucket in the shower to collect water for their plants, are also handy measures to save water.
"The time may come when steps have to be taken to reduce water usage, and the public needs to be prepared," Aaron said.
While our water supply is not currently threatened by the drought, Franklin County has been significantly affected by the dry conditions. The major problem right now is the pipes bursting, Aaron said.