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Remembering my resolution

By Staff
Rebecca Walker, Franklin County Times
After several summers of swearing that, "This one will be different," I've finally fought the lazy bug and found time to work out.
I am a workout-phobic. I hate exercise. It's boring, and uncomfortable, and well, my couch is just more welcoming than gym machines or running shoes.
But last week, I finally gave in.
I bought some shorts with a compartment to hold my MP3 player, laced up my New Balance tennis shoes, and hit the walking track on UNA's campus.
For thirty minutes, I alternated running and walking. I took a friend's advice and ran the lengths, while walking the curves around the ends.
I won't tell you that it felt great. In fact, I was gasping for air, and my legs were begging me to stop.
But for once, I'm letting my willpower win over my inner couch potato.
I may not run every night, but I plan to make it a normal part of my schedule.
The benefits are starting to pay off. I may not be seeing any change yet, but I feel it. I have better self esteem, first off. On top of that, I feel less tired during the day, and I am starting to enjoy the chance to slip on my headphones and lose myself in the music and the steady beat of my shoes hitting the pavement.
I encourage others to do the same. I've picked nighttime to run, because as we all know, it's too hot to hit the track in the daytime right now. You can run, or walk, for thirty minutes each evening, when the air is a little bit cooler. As you do it more often, you may want to dedicate more time to the workout. I promise you'll feel better throughout the day if you make it a part of your schedule.
If running isn't your thing, try swimming. I'm seriously considering that option as the summer gets hotter.
Hopefully, it will become a hobby of mine, and nothing but benefits will be reaped from it. And hopefully, this will be the summer of change for me.