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Faith Mission needs public's support

By Staff
Jason Cannon, Franklin County Times
The Faith Mission Outreach (FMO) got a little bit of good news recently when they got some assistance from other non-profit organizations.
FMO has formed an alliance with Globus Relief, located in Utah, who delivered three 18-wheeler truckloads of food. The Mission only had to pay for the freight for the food to be shipped here, FMO Director Matthew Mangino said.
In addition to the donations from Globus Relief, the Mission has applied for funding from United Way, but they have not received notification of a grant award.
Matthew Mangino is probably one of the best jugglers you'll ever find. Facing some of the most adverse circumstances, he's always able to get things done and meet as many needs as he possibly can with what he's been given.
As spring is settling in we encourage each of you to look inside yourselves the month of May. We challenge each of you do donate $20 worth of non-perishable groceries or make a $20 monetary donation to the mission in the month of May.
For most of us, $20 is a lot of money but it's a sum we can live without. That $20 would mean the world to the mission and could go a long way in off setting expenses or keeping the shelves full.
Until then, Mr. Mangino will keep those balls in the air. However, your donation would give him one more hand, at least for a little while, to make sure they don't get dropped.