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County loses great man in Probate Judge Mike Green

By Staff
Jason Cannon, Franklin County Times
If there was one thing that Franklin County Probate Judge Mike Green was it was a great public servant, but we know he was so much more.
He was a great man, a good friend and a good steward for the county.
He worked tirelessly in the Probate Office and as chairman of the Franklin County Commission. Under his leadership, the county was heading in the right direction.
Now, the county will have to move forward without one of its leaders and will have to do so with a very heavy heart.
At only 54 years old, Mike Green was still a young man. He was a tireless worker and not your every day politician.
He operated a convenience store on Alabama Highway 24 for more than 27 years before being elected probate judge.
Mike Green was elected to office because the voters of Franklin County knew what a hard worker he was and they wanted a man like that working for them.
Green had been instrumental in his second term working with others to develop initiatives to improve economic development and the littler problem in Franklin County.
He was one of the county's largest anti-litter proponents and the litter programs that are just now beginning to take flight would be miles behind where they are now without his help and leadership. It will be difficult but this county will move forward without him. However, we owe a great deal of thanks for his guidance and the gentle shove he gave us to point us in the right direction.