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Burleson named granny of all grannies

By Staff
Melissa Dozier-Cason, FCT Writer
The Foster Grandparent Program awarded their annual Foster Grandparent of the Year award during their Christmas banquet Friday.
Dorothy Burleson was named Foster Grandparent of the Year for 2006.
She has been a foster grandparent (FGP) since 1990.
The award is given each year based on letters written from teachers nominating their FGP.
"Every year we think that the letters can't get any better, and then the next year the letters top the previous year," Carole Jones, director, said.
FGP also recognized those who sold the most ads for the banquet program.
Ilene Ross took first place by selling a total of $1650 in ads.
Margaret McGuire came in second at $650 and Lula Mae Watkins came in third with $250.
This is the fifteenth consecutive year Ross has taken top spot in the ad selling division.
Ross was also honored with an award for her 24 years of service in the FGP program.
The Foster Grandparent Program has about 100 volunteers in Franklin, Colbert, Lauderdale, Winston and Marion counties.
The program is a non-profit federally funded program that sends grandparents to area schools to give the children extra love and attention – particularly those children who come from a troubled home, Jones said.
FGPs have to be at least 60 years old and be on a fixed income to qualify for the program.
While FGPs are volunteers, they are given a stipend from the federal government of $212 per month, which could help with their living expenses, medication and other expenses, Jones said.
Besides the stipend, FGP also have other benefits such as reimbursement of travel expenses, accident insurance coverage while at work, and monthly programs, such as the Christmas banquet, Jessica Latham, secretary, said.