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Storm-damaged chicken farms not expected to affect Franklin County

By Staff
Melissa Dozier-Cason, FCT staff writer
Damaged chicken farms statewide should not affect Franklin County because of over production.
The severe weather that came through the state Wednesday significantly damaged several chicken farms across the state, Ron Sparks, Alabama Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries, said.
"I don't know how wide spread the damage is but the over production of chicken will hold down chicken costs," County Agent Tim Reed said.
Poultry farmers are having a difficult making a profit because of the low cost of chicken and the high cost of corn, Reed added.
"The wholesale price of chicken is less than one dollar," Reed said.
Unless the damage was extremely large amount of farms it should not have an impact on price since the chicken production is about to be reduced due to over production, Reed said.
According to a press release from the Alabama Commissioner of Agriculture &Industries, the thousands of birds were killed during Wednesday's storms. Agriculture and Industries staff were on site to help farmers properly dispose of the birds.
According to recent statistics, Franklin County currently has 200 poultry farmers.