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Lively crowd shows up for State Games bowling finale

By By Ryan Satcher / staff writer
June 28, 2004
Bowling came back from a slow start to become a success in the State Games of Mississippi.
After a small turnout on Saturday, a better crowd came out on Sunday afternoon to wrap up the weekend.
The YABA division had eight participants this year. The girls and boys competed in separate divisions in six different categories determined by their average.
For the girls, Olivia Taylor finished with a gold medal in Division 2 after bowling a 368 four-game series on Saturday.
In Division 5, Nikki Rutledge bowled a 292 on Sunday to take gold while Reanna Parker took silver with a 216.
For the boys, Andrew Evans rolled a 353 on Saturday to claim the gold medal in Division 1.
Matthew Alawine took home gold with a 472 in Division 2 action and Chase Dooley took gold in Division 3 with a 536.
Colton Dooley blasted a 661 in Division 4 to finish with gold and Nick Perniciaro finished first in Division 5 with a 789.
For the women, Jessica Hutchison rolled a six-game 656 series to take gold in Division 5. Denise Rutledge blasted out an 1148 to take gold in Division 5.
Mary Copeland scattered pins for an 1138 in Division 4 on Sunday to finish with gold. Jan Kasper took silver with a 1049 and Martha Bates took home the bronze with a 1016.
In Division 3, Barbara Shull's 967 was good enough for the gold medal while Jenny Taylor won the silver with a 906 series. Lisa Sessions finished with the bronze after rolling a 760.
Tami Lee rolled an 888 on Sunday afternoon to take home gold in Division 2. Bobbi Barnett's 839 on Saturday was good enough for silver while Dianne Travis took the bronze medal with an 826.
For the men, Jamie Marx took gold in Division 2 with a 1037. Michael Nowell took home first in Division 3 with a 963 while Richard Pigford took silver with an 888.
In Division 4, Jeff Pierce's 1004 on Saturday was good enough to take home gold while Robert Ross finished second with a 987.
C.O. Gray's 1374 carried through Sunday to give him gold while Dustin Gray took silver with a 1271. Larry Hattell rolled a 1225 on Sunday to pick up the bronze medal.
In Division 6, Tyrone McAlpine slipped past M.A. Copeland with a 1322 to pick up gold. Copeland finished the afternoon with a 1321 to take home silver. Mike Cothern bowled a 1310 on Saturday to take the bronze medal.