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June 30, 2004

By Staff
Two-way streets needed
Meridian very much needs two-way streets so that we can find our way around town without being discouraged over which way is the right way. I believe it will help business.
Harry L. Hopkins
Where's the sign?
This past weekend I drove to Meridian, and was hurt that when I got to the Mississippi state line there was no welcome sign at the usual spot. That is one of the perks of coming home after a long time away. My grandson read all of the signs to all the states as we crossed the lines and when we got home, we were disappointed.
Please put our sign back on I-59 with the beautiful magnolia on it. We are proud of our state, too.
Bonnie Williams
Roanoke, Ind.
Support USM
I was reading Stan Torgerson's comments in The Meridian Star the other day and it got me thinking about sports in Mississippi in general. From what I read, State and Ole Miss have far more money for athletics than Southern. They have a better conference, better arenas and so on. But Southern Miss is still there. In some cases not only keeping up, but passing the Rebels and the Bulldogs.
C-USA is a mid-level conference, but it has given the Golden Eagles a place to shine, and they have! I was there last year when TCU rolled into Hattiesburg, then limped home in defeat. Southern Miss baseball hosted the NCAA regionals a year ago and went to another last year. Southern fans will not only look forward to a team that should win the C-USA baseball crown, but get to Omaha next spring. We have a new basketball coach, and a new spark that will pay off big.
To all Golden Eagles reading this, buy season tickets, or at least take the family to a couple of games. Make it a point to be there. Southern Miss has done so much with so little, for too long. Let's do something that will reward the players and coaches who work hard every season to make us proud. Think how far they can go with you there for the ride.
For those of you reading this who are not hardcore fans of State and Ole Miss, let me extend an invitation to follow the Golden Eagles with us. Southern Miss has, as I said above, done so much with so little. Support a program that will make you proud, and be there in person. You will be happy you did.
Daniel Roberts
The Golden Rule
I have lived in Meridian all my life. Most of the people here have always been rather nice, but there are those few whom are not. My husband broke down on North Hills Street on Monday, June 28, around 6 p.m., in the pouring down rain with our three children in the truck with him. To add to the stress of getting his truck out of the road, this very rude woman pulls up and asks him if he just had to break down there. I just hope and pray that if this lady (I am sure you know who you are) or her family ever needs help in the future that someone would not treat her as she treated my husband during this
unfortunate time.
I wish people would learn the golden rule of treat others how you would like to be treated.
D. Nicholson