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Work chosen for MCC literary review magazine

By Staff
June 12, 2004
special to The Star
Meridian Community College's Review, the literary magazine devoted to publishing winning contest entries and other student and community creative writing, has selected winners for next year's publication.
For the high school division, poetry winners were Jeff Brantley, first, "Sleepless Summer Nights"; Lydia Prisock, second, "Eye of the Beholder"; Bree Noelle Wiginton, third, "The Power Within"; Aa'Keela Hudnall, honorable mention, "Only Half"; and Amber Felton, honorable mention, "Life."
Winners in the short story, high school division were Adrian Wilson, second (tie), "So Hard to Find Good Help These Days"; Scott Cofield, second (tie), "A Sense of Darkness"; and Tiffany Huffman, third, "Friends Til the End."
Essay winners in the high school division were Hallie Pearson, first, "With Our Own Two Hands"; Jamie Easterwood, second, "Papaw and Hunting"; Lauren Tureaud, third, "The Issues of Prejudice"; Takymmea Clayton, honorable mention, "Continuing the Legacy"; and Terrance Smith, honorable mention, "Leaving a Special Gift."
Winners in the MCC and Community Division in the poetry division were Sue Ammon, first, "Sack Annie"; Grayson Mars England, second, "A Lost Art Form"; Jill R. Carlberg, third, "Song of the Bird"; Manda Gail Smith, honorable mention, "Badly"; and Robert Berg, honorable mention, "The Symphony of the Waves."
Short story winners in the community division were England, first, "A Portrait of Sarybeth Williams"; Daniel White, second, "Walking with Granny"; Charlotte Swearingen, third, "Skatin'"; and Dan Calloway, honorable mention, "Under the Ginko Tree."
Essay winners in the community division were Mable Hoskins Oatis, first, "Brown and Me"; Gerald Wetter, second, "Nine One One and Rural America"; Michael Harper, third, "Quixote's Return"; George M. Swanner, honorable mention, "Now for Something Different"; and Virginia Dawkins, honorable mention, "Writing on My Slate."
Copies of the Review can be found at the College's Todd Library and the Meridian/Lauderdale County Public Library.