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Sunday, July 27, 2003

By Staff
On Mississippi's image as racists'
To the editor:
I have given up on Mississippi ever losing our image of "racists." Every incident that happens is tied in some way to racism by the NAACP. I agree that the beast referred to as "racism" is "sick" but it will never go away. Especially as long as we have divisive groups in the community attributing events to it (racism).
We ought to have an organization referred to as the "National Association for the Advancement of God's People" not "Colored" people. Why must the whole community suffer for the actions of one person. The shooting at Lockheed Martin was hatred, pure and simple.
As long as there are humans on this planet, there will be hatred. No lawsuit will wipe it out. Pray for everyone, don't point fingers. And by the way, I am no racist.
Ricky Blocker
Dumbfounded over Jessica Lynch
To the editor:
I get so fed up hearing about Jessica Lynch. True, she was a POW and hurt, but all the college, TV, movies, etc., etc., amounting to several million dollars, just makes me sick. I have a nephew who was nearly blown to bits at age 20 in Baghdad. He was standing guard when the ammo bunker was blown. He suffered burns over half his body, throat and lungs. Death was surely close by. He will be scarred for life.
So tell me, why is this young lady so much more important? Did she ever see combat weeks upon weeks? My nephew did. I thank God and all the prayers that went up for him, that he was there giving all he had to give.
Webb Nix
More about the fat cat' Web site
To the editor:
In all fairness, Mr. Bellinger's letter ("Jumping on the Tyner bandwagon," The Meridian Star, July 23, 2003) should have mentioned what was at the very bottom of the site www.washingtonfatcat.com. In very small print, it states, "This site is supported by, maintained by, and information provided by Friends of Mitch Tyner, as an in kind' contribution to his campaign for Governor."
D. Marks
Animal cruelty
To the editor:
Driving by the trash dumpsters on July 11 off 495 and Kings Road, my husband and I were shocked to find a bobtail kitten that was paralyzed and panting on the side of the road. We rushed her to the nearest vet, Dr. George Shannon, and were even more shocked to discover that someone had given her some sort of narcotic and most likely, once the amusement wore off, tossed her out their car window to die on the side of the road.
She did not die, but instead was stranded in the sun, covered in flies and maggots with a 108 temperature. She was starved near death but she had a strong will to survive. We did everything we could to save her life with Dr. Shannon's help but after five days of struggle, "Mercy" lost her battle to overcome the cruelty that had been done to her. Her little emaciated body was devastated by the fever and racked by seizures. Her short life ended at the very least with her being loved and cared for.
I hope that the people of Meridian will take notice of their local humane societies and Animal Control to educate children and adults to help prevent animal overpopulation, abuse and cruelty. This sad little note is a story that is common all over the country and it should not be this way. It is a tragedy that could be prevented. Please spay and neuter your pets to stop this type of needless death.
I want the people who did this to her to know that God is watching them and their deeds will not go without justice. I am grieving over my loss.
Shani Hay
What's the deal with traffic lights?
To the editor:
What is the deal with the traffic lights here in Meridian? Whoever synchronized these things must have been smoking some wacky weed.
I have heard numerous complaints about the synchronicity of traffic lights in Meridian. Have you ever tried to go down 14th Street at 5 p.m.? The light that intersects Front Street is horrible. If you are on 14th Street and the third or fourth car back, forget about getting through the light because the green only lasts about 10 seconds. And the ones over by the mall are just as horrendous.
Mayor John Robert Smith needs to put down his "toy trains" and worry more about what is going on in Meridian, especially if this city wants to grow. Here's a thought: Other cities have infrared sensors that pick up the traffic flow. Why can't we?
As long as we continue to have people who have "money" running this city instead of those elected to do so, we will never grow.
Marc Boger