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Pickering's dilemma

By Staff
June 29, 2003
U.S. Rep. Chip Pickering faces one of those life-altering decisions as he ponders whether to resign from Congress, take a lucrative offer and head up the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association.
Pickering said last week he would announce a decision perhaps as early as Monday and our guess is he's hearing from people on all sides as he spends the weekend giving prayerful consideration to the decision.
As the congressman for our district since G.V. "Sonny" Montgomery's retirement, Pickering has done an outstanding job. His conservative principles and good sense decision-making on a variety of tough legislative issues set a high standard. If he decides to resign his seat, whether now or at the end of his term, the politics of the election to fill the vacancy will heat up like, well, Mississippi in summer.
Ultimately, though, it seems to us that Pickering must do what any good husband and father must do give top priority to the needs of his family. The personal interests of a devoted wife and five young sons who've spent much of their lives on the campaign trail have to come ahead of the political interests of his supporters.
We have no special insight into what Pickering will decide, but we are confident he will make the decision that is right for himself and his family.